Yetzabel G, Auckland, New Zealand

I'm very happy to have worked with Shiv. He really helped me to be more assertive in achieving my goals and tackle some issues that affected my productivity. Shiv is approachable and friendly, and always finds ways to keep you motivated. It's been a wonderful journey of self-awareness and personal growth thanks to his help, support, advice, and guidance.

David M, Auckland, New Zealand

Shiv's empathetic coaching style transformed one of our employees from being a person with low morale and having problems of frequent absenteeism, to becoming the top performer in his department. This employee had such a dramatic transformation that in less than a year since his coaching began, he became motivated and productive enough to take up a leadership role within the company. Shiv's attention to detail, reliability and ability to connect with people, equip him with the skills needed to make a deep and long-lasting impact. I would strongly recommend Shiv to anyone considering a coach for any aspect of their lives.

Sarah M, UK

I have just completed 6 sessions of coaching with Shiv @ Think Life Coaching and I can honestly say this guy is great! He is upbeat and charismatic, he asks great questions which get you thinking outside of the box and together we have worked though my limiting beliefs and I now have a way to manage them and eradicate them. I feel like I have known Shiv forever after just a few sessions, he makes you feel at ease and is confident in his coaching approach. He helps you to look at all angles and make an informed decision from there. It has been great to work with Shiv and work through my issues. I feel a sense of relief after working with Shiv and can now move forward with clarity! I can't thank Shiv @ Think Life Coaching enough. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Wishing you all the best, thank you.