• Having been in challenging jobs and having enjoyed the sweet smell of career success, have you lately been feeling stuck in a monotonous and unsatisfying job?

  • After years of hard-fought progress, do you now feel a sense of frustration at the lack of growth in your career?

  • Are you tired of the corporate BS that drags you down on most days?

  • Do you feel like the "meat in the sandwich" between the people you lead and the people you report to?

  • Have you been feeling lately that your work-life balance is out of kilter to the extent that it is beginning to affect other areas of your life such as health and relationships?

  • Having worked hard for your success, do you feel you have hit a plateau leaving you feeling undervalued and under-appreciated?

  • Do you sometimes feel you are on auto-pilot mode and wished you could be more in control of the direction of your career?

  • Despite your best efforts, have unforeseen circumstances rocked your career leaving you uncertain about what lies ahead?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please be assured that it IS possible to break out of the rut and change the course of your career to achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Many of our clients have been on this journey from a feeling of despair to a feeling of joy when they liberated themselves from the confines of a career that was dragging them down. You can check out some testimonials here -

A few powerful coaching sessions could set you on the exciting path to transformation and career satisfaction.

We can help you develop a road map for your journey covering 3 broad stages:

THINK - Discover and Clarify through questions such as "What is my goal?", "What are my options to get there?" etc.

BELIEVE - Develop your self-confidence and self-worth through tools, support, and experimenting.

ACHIEVE - Take concrete action steps through accountability, reviewing, and evaluating.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of working with TLC to overcome your career challenges, book a call with Shiv to know more by clicking this link: