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Trapped in the monotony
Feeling stuck

How strongly do you believe that the level of satisfaction with your career has a huge bearing on your quality of life?


About halfway through my corporate career, I started feeling dejected and disheartened with my job. Mondays felt like a burden with most colleagues and customers being grumpy and bereft of enthusiasm, while Fridays felt like a celebration – a collective sigh of relief that the week had ended, only for the cycle to begin all over again the next week. The images above accurately reflect the feelings I had about my career back then! 


The nagging and persistent feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration with my career affected other areas of my life significantly. Over the years that followed, my health nosedived, my uncertainty increased about the road ahead for the rest of my career, and my rapidly diminishing self-confidence crippled my ability to take action. With many years still to go before retirement, I felt I had gotten into countdown mode well ahead of time. I was constantly thinking “I wish I win Lotto” or “I wish I could retire right now”.


Questions like “Is this all there is to life?” and “Is this kind of life even worth living?” were swirling around in my head. My soul-sucking job had filled me with negativity towards life in general. Nothing seemed to interest me, and nothing energized me – not even vacations, as I was always fearing and hating the thought of returning to my job.


A few years ago, I took a step that changed my life completely. The lightbulb moment that prompted me to take action was my horrifying thought one day as I was driving over a bridge. I looked down at the river below, wondering if I could get away from all my stress in one swift move. You get the picture, right?


Overcoming my natural instinct of being skeptical about everything that sounded too good to be true, I signed up with a life coach to help me clear the cobwebs in my mind. I realized that I had collected too much negativity within myself and I needed help. There had to be a better way to live life and I was determined to find it. Investing in coaching at that point in my life turned out to be the best investment decision I ever made!


I charted out a new career path for myself as a career and personal development coach. Today I’m doing work that is extremely satisfying and energizing because my passion has finally found the right outlet.


If you are feeling stuck in your career, working in a job that feels more like a chore, you would most likely be feeling frustrated and somewhat powerless to change your situation. You might have tried a few things and not had much success, so it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling deflated and defeated.  It is time to get your wheels out of the mud and feel motivated to charge ahead!

I would love to help you overcome your frustrations at work using the experience that I've gained along my journey. As a step in this direction, I'd like to offer you one of our coaching tools, absolutely free! This is a worksheet that we use with clients to identify actions that can be taken to overcome the feeling of powerlessness in a work situation.

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Shiv's story - Why I changed my career path

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