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The Chicken Or Egg Paradox

For a city with 1.5 million population, Auckland’s traffic problems are difficult to justify.

The biggest reason for grid-locked roads here is that the majority of Aucklanders use their cars for getting around, and that’s because of the state of our public transport. It’s virtually non-existent! There is supposed to be a bus and rail network in the name of public transport, but it is nothing more than a joke.

The City Council and Auckland Transport officials often say that the lack of sufficient public patronage means they don’t have enough funds to improve the existing system. The public, on their part, maintains that they cannot use public transport if it is as inefficient as it is now. It just isn’t a viable option for most people!

So we have a ‘chicken or egg’ situation. Recent research suggests that the chicken did come first, but given how easily scientific research changes its findings from time to time, I’ll reserve my judgement on that and still look upon ‘chicken or egg’ as a mystery! 😉

We have ‘chicken or egg’ situations in our lives too, don’t we? One that comes readily to my mind is when I was looking for work upon arrival in NZ as a new migrant. I couldn’t get a job without local experience, and I couldn’t get local experience without a job!

How about another ‘chicken or egg’ conundrum?

Sometimes, when we are stuck for a long time in a situation where results aren’t forthcoming despite our best efforts, it’s easy to lose hope and stop striving. We might feel like we’re in a dark tunnel, and there’s no light at the end of it. Despair over the lack of results can cripple our motivation to keep moving forward with the process.

The problem in such cases is that while there’s no guarantee of eventually finding your way out of the tunnel even if you keep moving, there’s a 100% guarantee of not making your way out of it if you stop!

To get results, you need to keep trying. But to keep trying, you need to get results (however small they may be).

Is this an unsolvable chicken or egg situation, or can this be overcome by somehow finding the motivation and drive to keep going, despite not getting the results that you desire? 🤔

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