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Step out of your comfort zone

There are a great number of people in the world that see their current state of existence as unsatisfactory, boring, uninspiring and a complete drudgery. Think of all the people in your job environment who come into work on a Monday looking like they would rather be anywhere in the world but their workplace. Come Friday evening, the world lights up for them like their life is a celebration. Suddenly life is not so bad any more just because they do not have to come to work for the next 2 days. Five days out of seven, so effectively five sevenths of their lives is spent being unhappy. Isn't it rather sad when your livelihood becomes your life's biggest bugbear? However, when you realize that the majority of these people who figuratively come to life every Friday evening and die every Monday morning have been working in the same company for many years, you wonder why? When one is so unhappy in a job that they are constantly moaning their fate and criticizing their company, why do they not find another job?

The answer lies in the 'comfort zone' theory, which originates in reference to the temperature zone where humans are most comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold. People become so used to the familiarity of their existing space that it becomes their comfort zone which gives them a sense of security. The fear of doing anything different freezes them in their tracks and prevents them from considering anything different. They would prefer to stay in their comfort zone and feel miserable rather than take a chance of trying something new. The fear of failure paralyses all action. Expressions like "I don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire" and "the known devil is better than the unknown devil" are frequently used to justify their reasons for not stepping out of their comfort zone. What people fail to realize is that the magic in life often takes place at the edge of their comfort zone. When is the last time anyone achieved anything significant when they were in autopilot mode? Challenging yourself and expanding your boundaries is much more rewarding than security and comfort.

Growth is a natural phenomenon that humans are wired for. After all, children grow into adults, taking so many risks along the way. According to Psychology Today, learning new skills improves brain function and keeps other cognitive functions sharp. Turning your back on growth and stagnating in your comfort zone could actually be harmful for your long-term health.

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17 jun 2020

THIS is so important! Cheers and nice post! I also really like the website Name TLC... Nice!

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