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Manager In The Middle!

“You stuffed up!”

Nobody likes to be the receiving end of this statement…especially if you know that you’re not at fault but are still copping the blame!

Have you ever worked for a narcissistic boss?

I hope your answer is NO because I know from personal experience how distressing it can be when you have the misfortune of working for one.

The relationship between you and your boss is one of the most important relationships in life because it plays a vital role in your happiness quotient, do you agree?

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the relationships that you can choose. You’re given these cards and you just have to deal with them!

One of the most common ways of dealing with a lousy boss is to move to another job. At least that’s what statistics say. Most people don’t leave their jobs; they leave their bosses. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the new place will have a good boss!

Some people stay put in their misery as they don’t want to deal with the unknown. The “known devil” syndrome!

Having worked your way up the corporate ladder, if you end up with the boss from hell when you’re in middle management, that can be even more difficult than handling a bad boss early on in your career.

At least as a youngster starting your career journey, handling a terrible boss can be put down as a learning experience for the future.

But mid-career? You already have lots of experience and skills, and expect to be respected for that, don’t you?

As a mid-level manager, you’re already grappling with many responsibilities including man management and maybe productivity/revenue targets. Not to mention personal responsibilities at this stage of life.

And then you have a boss who’s driving you up the wall. Constant nagging, fault finding, blaming, threatening, gaslighting…how the heck do you handle this on a daily basis?

- Do you have a strategy that helps you keep your calm? - Do you have a dependable source of support when you need it? - Do you have a non-judgmental partner that you can brainstorm with, confidentially?

If you’re stuck in an “I hate my boss” scenario, don’t suffer in silence. You deserve better. You’ve earned it through all the hard work and achievements so far in your career.

Feel free to reach out if you need help.

P.S. As a bonus gift for reading this post, I can send you a FREE coaching exercise (PDF) that could help you reclaim your power at work. If you’d like this gift, please message me.

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