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Lonely Days

When you’re in middle management, you might find yourself feeling lonely. It’s not easy to find someone to confide in when you’re confused or need to vent/brainstorm.

I remember my challenges as a middle manager. Whenever there was a thorny issue (argument with the boss, problem with one of the team members, a particularly difficult problem to handle, etc.), I’d try and find answers by talking to a trusted family member or friend.

Here’s the thing though.

Talking to your family member/friend is not very useful for two reasons. One, they’re not likely to be very invested in your work life and two, they may not fully understand your line of work.

You don’t really want to approach your boss or one of your staff members for help because you don’t want to appear weak, soft, or incapable of handling the problem yourself. Also, you want a neutral, unbiased perspective which is tough to get from someone who is in the same environment as you.

I went through many stressful situations on my own, making mistakes along the way and learning some very costly lessons. I wish I knew back then that there are career coaches trained to help in such situations. It would’ve made my life so much easier.

Who do you fall back on when you need support, encouragement, and direction to help sail your boat out of choppy waters? 🤔

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