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Learn how to free yourself from worry

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Most of our lives we worry about loads of things that we can do precious little about. Be it the traffic on the way to work, the weather, the behaviour of a colleague or our favorite sports team losing a game. Life would be so much easier and free from worry if we can train our mind to think about all that happens in our lives in terms of 2 hemispheres - the sphere of influence and the sphere of concern. Everything within the sphere of influence would be issues that we can either control or influence. For instance being unhappy in your job is within your sphere of influence. You can do something about it. The sphere of concern contains issues that we have no control or influence over. Some examples of these are mentioned at the start of this post. Unfortunately our mind is stuck for a majority of the time in the sphere of concern causing us to exhaust our mental energy.

Try the mental exercise of putting things into these two spheres over the next 21 days (keep a journal to monitor your thoughts) and see if you can calm your mind and stop obsessing over problems that you have no control or influence over. Go ahead, you have only your worry to lose!

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