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How do you beat the Monday blues?

"Morning, how was your weekend?”

As you walk in on a Monday morning, many of your colleagues throw this question at you almost as a formality. No one is really interested in the answer. Heck, they look like they don’t even want to be at work!

There is an expression of “sigh…here we go again, another week to get through” on everyone’s face. Monday blues are well and truly sweeping the place!!

Even before you can settle in, the supervisor shuffles up to you and announces, “Boss, we’re 3 people down today in the warehouse, so there’ll be a delay in picking orders. Let everyone know”.

The pressure kicks in right away. There will be unhappy salespeople and customers screaming for their orders!

You open your email inbox and in the deluge of emails, you can already see a couple of fires that need putting out…now!!!

Welcome to another week - the weekend has been well and truly forgotten!

You work in a high-pressure environment with daily deadlines, sending your stress levels through the roof!

You’re constantly chasing your tail fixing errors that are not of your own making – wrong supplies, short supplies, delayed deliveries, etc. You as the manager are responsible for everything, even things that are outside your control!

You’re in one meeting after another. There’s never enough time.

You feel like you have too much responsibility but not enough authority to take long-term corrective action.

You’re under pressure from your bosses to achieve ever-increasing targets, improve service and develop new initiatives. The senior management wants you to execute the grandiose plans made in their ivory towers without considering the ground realities. Meanwhile, the people you manage feel like they’re not being listened to, they’re unhappy with their pay/hours, and their morale is low.

You are sandwiched between the people who report to you and the people you report to. Not a great feeling being the meat in the sandwich, is it?

You feel trapped in your job and your mind keeps getting hounded by questions –

“Is there a way out of this rut?” “Is this all there is to life?” “Am I doomed to be on this Ferris wheel until I retire?”

Do you have plans to break out of this cycle? Have you looked at the options available? What could be the price you end up paying if you don't do anything to change this situation?

If you'd like help with finding some answers, feel free to connect with me at

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