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Do you wish you could get off the Monday to Friday rollercoaster?

TGIF – I’m sure you know what this acronym stands for.

Yes, Thank God It’s Friday! Even atheists say that on Fridays, don’t they? 😉

But have you heard of ONIM…or ALIT?

I’m guessing not, because I made these up!

Having been a victim of the Monday to Friday routine for decades, I went through the yo-yo of emotional upheaval week after week, year after year, decade after decade.

I had an analogy for what I (and many others I knew) went through every week. And while the analogy may seem rather crushing (pardon the pun!), it felt apt for what we were experiencing.

When I lived in India, I used to frequent roadside sugarcane juice stalls, selling fresh and invigorating sugarcane juice. Low on hygiene but high on energy-boosting properties, it provided excellent and immediate relief from the searing heat of Indian summers.

The process would begin with passing the sugarcane through the meshing gears of the motor from one side to the other, crushing the cane, and collecting the juice in a vessel placed under the gears. Then the cane would be folded in half and sent back in the opposite direction through the gears, squeezing more juice out.

And again…and again…the “folding-passing through gears-squeezing out the juice” process would continue until the cane was squeezed dry of the last drop of juice!

This is how I used to feel as I worked Monday through Friday. Over and over, I’d feel like I was being crushed. Not just in terms of physical tiredness, but also mental and emotional fatigue.

That’s when I came up with acronyms for every day of the week. Allow me to share them with you.

ONIMOh No It’s Monday. Isn’t this how most people feel on Monday mornings? Or should I say Sunday afternoons!

ALITAt Least It’s Tuesday. A sense of relief that Monday is over!

MWIWMid Week It’s Wednesday. This day is often called “hump day”. The light at the end of the ‘working week tunnel’ starts to appear!

NTITNearly There It’s Thursday. The day that pessimists start to temporarily turn into optimists!

And then of course TGIF!

If you’re sick and tired of being on this roller coaster ride from ONIM to TGIF over and over again, DM me for a chat. #mondayblues

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