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What is holding you back from achieving what you want?

I recently worked with a client whose main challenge was finding a job that was more aligned with his background. This client had been living in New Zealand for 5 years.

He had an impressive background in his home country and was a middle management executive in a multinational firm there before he chose to migrate.

After moving here, he knew it would be a struggle to find his feet initially, but he always felt that within 2 years, he’d find a job in his field, given his qualifications and experience.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

He continued doing odd jobs to keep the home fires burning, with periods of unemployment in between.

His confidence took a beating in the long period of waiting and hoping.

When he started coaching with me, we focussed on rebuilding his self-esteem and self-confidence while working on an action plan to find a job of his choice.

As we worked together, there was a key moment during one of our sessions. He confessed that he felt it was his bad karma that was preventing him from getting the right kind of job.

On diving deeper into this thought, he sighed “I’m not surprised that I’m struggling because I’ve been very selfish in the past. Perhaps I don’t deserve to be successful.”

He revealed that, on his way to the plum job back home, he had let down a close friend (who worked with him) for his own benefit. The consequence of that action affected his friend’s career adversely. His ambition overrode concern for his friend.

Coaches usually focus on the present and refrain from digging too much into the past. But I realized that until he got over his mental block of karma being the villain in his life, it would be extremely difficult for my client to achieve his objective.

His guilt and belief that he didn’t deserve success had shackled him and he didn’t even realize it!

We worked together on changing this mindset, through powerful questioning techniques while focussing on what was blocking his success and why.

Once he started working on his mindset, he became comfortable with letting go of his past. His confidence and enthusiasm returned, and I noticed a transformation in him that I was certain would lead to positive change.

And it did!

I’m pleased to say that he found a temporary job in his field soon enough, that turned into a permanent role, and he’s currently doing very well in his career!

Is there something holding you back?

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